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  The other kind of meditation is a little more adventurous.  In this approach one focuses, with eyes closed, on the experience of spiritual presence within.  For example, if you perceive spirit to be light, then attempt to reach that light.
Spiritual Counseling from Within
Your eyes are closed, and all seems dark, yet masters of
meditation throughout the ages have said that there is light

Let your entire awareness seek out the realm of light that
exists within you. Feel that you are a being of light in an inner world of light. Breathe light in and breathe light out.  

You may encounter strong resistance as you attempt this.
When you start to truly think of yourself as a being of light,
you leave behind much that you now believe - all the
thoughts that you have about yourself and your world.  The
truth is, we are all beings of light, made from a finer
substance than eye can see.  There is a Self within that is a
true thrill to discover.  It is the soul of love, truth, beauty,
nurturance and protection.  It is at one with God.

If you experience fear, then open your eyes briefly.  But try to return to this inner realm again, and remind yourself that you are trying to relax and approach your inner light.  The light is kind, and very aware of all your needs.

Three to five minutes is enough time to devote to this exercise in the beginning. 

Either way, after spending the time that you have committed
to this process, give yourself the suggestion that you will
remember this peace of mind in the coming hours, and close
by bringing your attention back to the world as you left it.

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