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Healing is both a  
and a bottom-up  phenomenon.

Top-Down means that we are intensively using our conscious mind - with its power to generate new beliefs, thoughts and images - to create a life in which our deepest yearnings and highest aspirations become possible.  The essence of the top-down direction is conscious intent. 

Through spiritual work, such as meditation, prayer and forgiveness, we come to know ourselves as transcendent spiritual beings, and learn to keep this awareness at the forefront of all that we think and do.
Through mental work we visualize what it is that we want by
using creative imagery and reinforcing what we see in our
minds with the power of our belief.

Bottom-up means that we are also releasing our emotional
pain . Many of our most painful life experiences are coded in a neuro-chemical, energetic form into our bodies, and are flash-points of continual disturbance to our physical
well-being.  In trying to suppress awareness of these highly
charged areas of memory we unfortunately actually deaden a portion of ourselves.  We lose precious life energy.

Through emotional work, often involving some form of
psychotherapy, we allow into full awareness the pain that
we’ve been hiding, and using the light of present
understanding, allow the painful energy to discharge. 
Through energy work, practices such as yoga or qi gong, we
can start to feel the quiet hum of our life energy as it learns to flow freely into areas from which it was formerly blocked. 

In these ways we can experience the embodiment of our soul- our life-force - and direct its power to heal.
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