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What is Spirit? 

A personally meaningful answer to this age-old question is surely the best answer. It can be a thrill and an illuminating
experience to pursue for ourselves lines of questioning such
as these: 
Graceful mind - graceful body

Did I exist before I was born? 
Is there something of me that survives death?
What is the meaning of my life?
What is the purpose of life on earth?
What is the supreme power in the cosmos?
Is there a divine power within me?
Is there an inner guide whose leadings I can trust and
Is there a presence within me that has the power to heal me,
love me and cause me to grow and evolve?
Who is my highest, wisest voice?
What are the highest values I can conceive of?
Is it possible to experience God?
What is the nature of our connection to other living things?
What is the power of love? 

Asking questions like these with a still, open mind is an
invitation to healing. They can cause one's whole being to
shift - mind, body and soul.
Spiritual Counseling Online for Healing