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Psychological healing begins with the search for the soul,
the real you, the expression of divine spirit within a human frame. It is a simple, ongoing process of quiet reflection and contemplation. Stop for a few minutes and ask yourself some basic questions:

Who am I?
What exactly am I doing all day?
What is it all about?
What do I want?
What are my values?
Where am I going and where will I end up if I simply continue my life in its present course?
Am I happy?  If not, why not?            

  It can be really helpful to talk to a therapist about what has happened in your life and look for a clearer awareness of your past and how it affects the present.  

 But as to the FUTURE it is also vital to explore who you want to become and how you can accomplish the goals closest to your heart. Your life can change.  It depends only on your openness to change and willingness to change.  It is never too late to work towards achieving happiness, healing and fulfillment.  Never.

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