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The most important thing to remember about prayer is that, in its highest form, it is an inner communion with God - a communication between two beings.  By opening the human end of the channel of communication with God, we make the ever-flowing stream of divine help available to us.

Scientific studies on prayer have suggested that the most effective form of prayer is praying for the highest good.  Whether it is bacteria in a test-tube or a person that is being prayed for, asking for the highest good will open up the way to all possible progress in the situation.  

What is the highest good?  When you commune with the divine you are opening yourself up to an awareness of where your spirit is trying to lead you.  You enter into a state of silence, open and unknowing, respectful of a source of intelligence must vaster than your own.  You are asking for higher wisdom.  Expect an answer.  Have faith.  And be willing to do whatever you need to do to clear the path to healing.  

God is, above all, kind.  The spirit of the universe is loving, encouraging, nurturing, helpful - cheering us on as we struggle through this dark and difficult world.  The Spirit will never frighten you or put you down regarding your faults.  It will speak only in terms of positive action and love.  There is nothing to be afraid of in seeking to know and do the will of God.

A good way to approach prayer is to prepare yourself  by creating in your mind the highest "field" of truth, goodness and beauty that you can imagine.  It is in this uplifted state of mind that your reality and divine reality can most easily intersect, and  you can receive the love and the help that you are looking for.

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