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a counseling approach that includes spirituality in the solution of life problems

Hi...My name is
Rosa Cedars and for years I have been studying the links between the mind and illness.  I was very intrigued by the idea that through the workings of the mind physical illness can be healed, because if the mind is powerful enough to affect physical disease, then surely it could affect seemingly lesser afflictions such as depression and anxiety.  There is indeed much evidence that spiritual work can ameliorate any problem - mental or physical. 

 Whether you are suffering from something physical, such
as an illness, perhaps even something serious like cancer .... or whether you need counseling relating to a problem in a difficult life situation - I am here to discuss it with you and offer counseling to help you move through the crisis. 

Here's how it works you write about your concerns in an email, taking the time to be very specific about what is currently causing you problems in your life.  It's a great opportunity - you have the freedom to open up, truthfully and intimately, while still retaining the safety of anonymity.  
You will get a response within 24 - 36 hours.  

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